Know all about Peppa Pig !

As soon as she came into our lives, Peppa Pig is hoisted to the rank of star ultimate, damant a good time for the pawn to Dora, Yes-yes, and this case-balls of Tchoupi.

It must be said that the pig who loves jumping in the mud is fun the kids and sometimes even their parents.

Know all about Peppa Pig !

But what do we really know of this cartoon that will probably remain etched in the memories of an entire generation ? Reply 15-info you need !

1 | The series was created in England and aired for the first time on Five in 2004.

2 | The first episode is titled ” puddles of mud “. Of course you are !

3 | Peppa Pig is broadcast in over 180 countries. The cartoon has been translated into 40 languages, including chinese.

4 | Mark Baker and Neville Astley are the creators.

5 | Peppa Pig has won 2 awards in 2005 : the British Academy Award Winner Best Pre-School Animation and the Grand prix for best tv production at Annecy.

6 | Peppa is 4 years old. His brother George was 18 months old. He said only one word : “dino-zo” !

7 | Papa pig loves apple pie, pumpkins. An argument that may eventually bear fruit with your kids at meal time.

8 | The series is built around the learning of the language for toddlers. This is the reason why some terms and some phrases are repeated.

9 | no, there has been no campaign muslim to ban Peppa Pig in 2014. It was a joke.

10 | In France, the series was first broadcast on Tiji in 2006 before joining the Zouzous on France 5 in 2011. You can also see it on Nickelodeon Junior or Gulli.

11 | Spain, 90% of children 4 to 8 years would have seen an episode in 2013 after the string TVE.

12 | Aaricia Dubois is the French voice of Peppa Pig. The actress has also lent his voice to Stacie in ” Barbie, a wonderful Christmas “, or Ayame, a character of the manga ” Kenshin the wanderer “.

13 | Peppa pig is broadcast on the platform of entertainment on the Eurostar. What from to London without hassle.

14 | In 2015, the license revenues for the merchandising would have reached a billion dollars. Ca was worth it to jump in the mud !

15 | according To a association English, Peppa Pig would be a militant vegan.

If you don’t know Peppa Pig or if you want to perfect your jumping technique in the mud, it’s here.

And you ? Your kids love Peppa Pig ? Are you holding an info unusual on this cartoon ?

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