Father John Misty unveils a new song of protest “Holy Hell”

source : Soundcloud

After committing so virulent against the campaign of Trump, repeating the song Trump’s Private Pilot, Joshua Tillman continues of more beautiful as you approach the entry to the power of the real estate magnate. The ex-drummer of Fleet Foxes has let loose on its account facebook : the cover of her fan page to the profile photo, he encourages his fans to the discussion… Yesterday evening, he launched a pamphlet on neo-liberalism and globalism via its account facebook. And the U.s. has not hesitated to respond to his fans, is leaving to become entangled in tough trade…

And this morning, the songwriter folk has just revealed on his account on Soundcloud a new song, Holy Hell, clearly committed, and which does not look very enthusiastic about our future… you can discover below :

In this walk in piano, voice, Father John Misty is lamenting on the current situation : “the future is not very encouraging” (“the future ain’t looking so bright.”) before you conclude on a message of hope :

“But all my friends, yeah, I’m talking to you/ The world won’t end unless we want it to/ There’s no one in control/ And it’s our life to choose.”

“My friends, it is you to whom I address myself / The world will not collapse to less than we really want / Nobody holds the reins./ And it is up to us to choose.”

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