Foot – C1 – PSG-Aurier – Roman Vanni, a lawyer for Serge Aurier (PSG) : “It is absolutely incomprehensible”

A few minutes after the release of the PSG making public the decision of the English authorities to remove the visa to be Serge Aurier, this is the “dismay” in the camp of the side of côte d’ivoire : “This is a decision that preposterous, fantastic, I have never seen that in my career, “says Roman master, Vanni, board of public defender in paris. The English authorities have granted the visa to mr. Serge Aurier before to withdraw precipitously, arguing that his condemnation of the September 26, 2016. However, I remind you that my client has appealed this decision and therefore, like all individuals, he enjoys the presumption of innocence. In this case, the English authorities are the forerunners of a conviction for mr Aurier, it is quite regrettable.

Serge Aurier, undesirable, England

The lawyer does not hide his surprise at this “volte-face” : “I can’t tell you that this change of attitude. From the moment a visa is issued, it is extremely rare that we have to come back over. It is a decision that belongs to the highest authorities. I sincerely regret, I repeat, that the authorities have not integrated the call from my client. For me, that is deplorable and utterly incomprehensible “. Master Vanni is no longer any illusion about a possible involvement of his client in the match tomorrow night. “The deadlines are what they are…

Hugo Delom

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