In this clip, finally the police violence that end up well


The black-and-white clip below reminds The Hatred, the film by Mathieu Kassovitz, released in 1995. Its urban setting and its actors – young people’s smoking the shit as well. This first intuition is to be confirmed : an unmarked police car arrives, a chief of brigade, which roars out of it, and an arrest muscular ensues.

An epilogue unexpected

Yet, at the moment the situation is likely to explode, recalling a series of police killings recently publicized, the aggressiveness of the protagonists is changed surreptitiously by an attraction irresistible… and police officers and detained end up French-kiss in a scene unlikely.

It is as well as Darcy, punk-rock, rennes influenced by No One Is Innocent, or Mass Hysteria, decided to meet the police officers who were protesting in may against hatred, anti-cops. “This scene is made to make fun of them : since they said they wanted love when they are in the streets, we gave them the love, in our own way”, is gauss Irvin, the lead singer of the group.

“Rennes ‘ACAB’ flowers everywhere’

But the connection goes further, and is less bantering on the merits :

“During the protests against the law Work in Rennes, we heard insults very easily and very quickly homophobic on the part of the security forces towards the protesters. ‘Poof !’, I’ve heard several times, and ‘not your girl’, or your ‘fag’, also”, says the leader of the group.

The clip begins with a recording of the slogan of anti-cop heard last spring that “the Whole world hates the police”, and is accompanied by the acronym “ACAB“, which originally meant “All cops are bastards” (“All cops are bastards”). So far, Darcy defends himself to be “anti-cops” primary :

“Rennes ‘ACAB’ flowers everywhere : on bridges, walls, buildings, bars, stairwells… It is not taken in the first degree, it diverts to ‘All cops are beautiful’ or ‘bipolar’, but we wanted to put it in the story. There is also a side Grand-Guignol in this clip.”

The death of Adama Traoré watermark

A few days ago, in a different style, DJ Pone released a clip of Mr. F. C, in which there is also a race police chase that is reminiscent of that which resulted in the death ofAdama Traoré in Beaumont-sur-Oise. DJ Pone has explained that the context was also inspired :

“We wrote our script two months after the death of Adama Traoré and it is true that we do not know why our character is being chased by the cops.”

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