Brad Pitt and Adam McKay are teaming up for a film about the former us vice president Dick Cheney

“The World According to Dick Cheney” from R. J. Cutler and Greg Finton (screenshot)

The american film shows, in recent years, particularly lively and inspired in its treatment of the contemporary politics. According to Deadline, Adam McKay, film director known for his comedy schoolboy and noticed recently for his clever and cynical , The Big Short, diving in the margins improbable of the bubble and the financial crisis, is going to make a biopic of republican Dick Cheney. Brad Pitt coproduira the film for Paramount through his company Plan B, like Will Ferrell, actor fetish of the filmmaker who made the great hours of his vein comic (the antics of Ron Burgundy to the Brothers in spite of themselves).

A craftsman of the political war-era W. Bush

The politician Dick Cheney, an affiliate of the republican Party, is reputed to have been the vice-president of the most powerful and influential in the history of the United States. Graduated in political sciences at the University of Wyoming, he was part of the administrations of Nixon, Ford, and George Bush father. He has held the position of 2nd man of the country, often of the essence to advantage symbolic, during the two terms of George W. Bush.

A key phase marked by an increase in the powers of the executive branch and the White House, the political ultra-warrior post-September 11 interventions in Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, the lie about the weapons of mass destruction of Saddam Hussein and interrogation, turning the torture of “enemy combatants”.

The filmmaker said about it :

“I’ve always found fascinating. I wanted to understand what motivates it, what are its values, and as of my research, I understood to what extent his thought and action have shaped contemporary America, and served on its place in the world. I also realized how many of its methods to acquire the power were shocking.”

The politician had already appeared in the film under milk Richard Dreyfuss in the W, the improbable president of Oliver Stone in 2008. Adam McKay is currently busy with the realization of Bad Blood, another biopic worn by Jennifer Lawrence on the first woman to become a billionaire without having inherited his fortune. As for Brad Pitt, or will be able (or not) to go and discover it in spy québécois lover of Marion Cotillard in Allies, the new – and rather bad – a film by Robert Zemeckis is currently in theaters.

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