Fillon against Juppé : the debate playlists

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François Fillon was born the year that Elvis Presley recorded his first disc. For his part, Alain Juppé was born a few months before the writing of the sixth symphony by Prokofiev. But if you doubted that the two survivors of the primary right to be able to understand the issues specific to the France of the 21st century, their playlists respective prove that open-mindedness, concern for the reference, good taste and modernity will be definitely the key words of the debate of the evening.


Fonky Family Mystère et suspense

You rigolerez least when Fillon will open the debate by setting Juppé right in the eyes before unpacking a few punchlines classics : “Our final outcome ? Only the future will tell.”

“It was necessary that I have a goal I do my thing, there is no magic // Even if I speak in the past this is the future, he is // He had to not that I’m too lazy because I am not born in the silk // Was necessary that I believe in and not complaining, my surname is Francis.

MorrisseyMargaret on the guillotine

Thatcherism, and its reactions to a double-edged sword.

Foals – Red socks Pugie

Some think about it in the morning by shaving. Other in putting on their socks.

Frigide Barjotgive me love with two fingers

“You do love me with two fingers, like a crayfish to swim…” Okay geniuses, everyone has long understood that it is not the contradictions that suffocate you. So, we can change the slogan of the most distinguished supporters of François Fillon with “the full adoption for all” ?


Didier BarbelivienRevoir Montreal

“I decided to continue the fight.” A few minutes after the formalization of the results of the first round of the primary, Alain Juppe has started his speech with a phrase that could imply that he had thought about abandoning. Remains to be seen whether the famous battle referred to the presidential election, or his political commitment in the broadest sense. After his sentence of one year of ineligibility in 2004, the former prime minister had the good taste to choose Montreal as a land of exile.

BoobaGarde the (super) fishing

“Ouloulou, already seen on the timeline of Konbini”

Camera Silensdashed Hopes

Of Criminal Class, in Identity, throughwhose fault Is it ? (and until the Suicide of elections Jeff Copé), the songs of the group bordelais Camera Silens appear to have been specially composed to prophesy the hell of the primary right. Alain Juppé was still far from come to type the binds in the most beautiful city of France when the album just by dragging is released, in the middle of the year in 1987. If the polls are to be believed (sic), it should have the time to delve into the discography of the group as early as next week.

Joakim Forever Young

“You think I can grab the remix of Discodeine at Prisunic in the rue Sainte-Catherine ?”

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