Attack in Istanbul : the club Reina, a top place for nightlife

The assailant that had attacked the night club Reina in Istanbul on the night of the new year, killing at least 39 people dead and sixty injured, has not chosen its target by chance. The prestigious club Reina is the place for nightlife in istanbul very popular with the young and hip of Istanbul, celebrities and foreign tourists. Located on the shores of the Bosphorus in the european side of Istanbul, the club, which opened in 2002, is also accessible by boat directly from the strait. It is generally necessary to show white leg to spend the evening and find grace in the eyes of the bouncers that leave guests sorted on the shutter.

The evenings often began well after midnight in this very select club with several restaurants, dance floors and a central bar. The view from the terrace is spectacular with one of the three large bridges that span the Bosphorus, situated just above and the lights from the asian shore twinkling in the distance. The history of this bridge is already associated with one of the most violent episodes that has experienced the Turkey, since it has been the theatre of clashes between soldiers factious and protesters during the attempted coup of July 15, last. This date is also has since become the official name of the bridge.

A haunt staple of the jet-set

In spite of the islamization of a growing company whose complain the critics of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan since his party is in power, the club that Reina has remained one of the dens must-haves for the jet-set Turkish-goers and the not-too-looking on the expenditure. Over the years, the nightclub has become a meeting place for the stars of the football teams istanbulites and tv series which were very popular in Turkey.

The festivities do not end usually in the early morning, and clients are engulfed in the cars waiting for the drive home. Up here is synonymous with celebration, the name of Reina will now be associated with this massacre committed during the celebration of the new year.

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