Driving schools : the classification success rate annoys the profession

Auto-écoles : le classement au taux de réussite agace la profession

It is to be expected. The data published by the State on the success rate of the driving schools have reacted to the professionals involved who denounce ” a practice which has nothing to compliant “. The Conseil national des professions de l’automobile (CNPA) is wind standing against an initiative that transcends local particularities, while containing within it a risk of discrimination to the results that may deliver the very foundations of the business.

Identify the success rate of all driving schools in France left no doubt of a good feeling. But we know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This is what wanted to remind the NCIP that, by way of greeting to the leaders split from one comment of bitterness, and a warning : “the self-schools with the worst results are bad institutions. These figures do not reflect the reality on the ground and their publication without explanation is detrimental to the driving schools “, regrets, and the NFPC.

He continues : “the driving schools have the obligation to accept all citizens, without selection : everybody has the right to pass his. The driving schools that have the lowest rates are often located in areas difficult and in which the training and education of road strengthened are necessary. What are these driving schools that should be preserved. The stigmatization of self-schools because of their rate of success is a value judgment to be inadmissible on the part of the State “.

The CNPA insists that these results appear to call for caution. “The success rate of which we speak are not reliable, ” assures the organization. The fact remains that, according to the profession, few will finally account for these data, the priority usually given to ease of access, just as the mouth-to-ear.

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