Los Angeles : “Hollywood” renamed “Hollyweed”

The célébrissimes nine giant letters white forming the word “Hollywood” on the hills of Los Angeles have been diverted into “Hollyweed”, probably by one or more jokers wanting to celebrate the legalization in California of cannabis for recreational use, according to american tv on Sunday. Images of chain KABC show that a part of the two “O” of “wood” have been covered by what looks like black sheets struck with the sign “peace and love” (“love and peace”), turning “O” into “e” and forming the word “Hollyweed”. “Weed” means marijuana, grass or cannabis.

The local police, quoted by the television KCAL, indicated that one or more individuals were certainly responsible for this change bold and that it was to identify them thanks to the surveillance cameras on the site, which is not accessible to the public, and in which each letter measuring approximately 15 meters high. It was probably to celebrate the fact that the voters of California have voted on 8 November for a referendum for the authorization of recreational use of marijuana, as it is already the case in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Washington State (north-west) as well as in the federal capital Washington (east).

The hill threatened

The nine letters of the word “Hollywood” on mount Lee in a district north of Los Angeles, which is home to many of the great names of cinema and music, have been refurbished and repainted in white reflective 2012. The giant letters had been erected in 1923 to promote the real estate program “Hollywoodland”, and then the four letters “Land” were removed in the 1940s. “Hollywood” was then derelict until nine donors, in the 1970s, each take care of a letter to renovate it.

This place is known worldwide, great tourist attraction of Los Angeles, had been in danger of extinction when the owners of the land at its feet have even thought to sell their lots. But Hugh Hefner, the magnate of the group, the Playboy, had helped to preserve the site in 2010, with the assistance of the governor of California at the time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and other celebrities such as Steven Spielberg or Tom Hanks. Although the public may not access the site, it had been the theater of a tragedy in 1932 when the british actress Peg Entwistle had committed suicide by throwing himself of the letter H.

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