Us : Russian diplomats expelled have left the country

The 35 Russian diplomats and their families expelled from the United States by decision of the outgoing president, Barack Obama, accused of interfering in the us presidential election, left Sunday by plane to Washington, said the news agencies, the Russian and american diplomacy. “The plane took off, everyone is on board”, announced the embassy of Russia in the american capital, cited by the public agency in Russian Ria Novosti.

The device, specially came to Russia, transports from Sunday morning to board a 35-Russian diplomats and their families, a total of 96 people, who need to join Russia in the night. “We can confirm that the 35 Russian diplomats declared persona non grata, as well as members of their families, have left the United States”, has confirmed to mid-day with theAgence France-Presse , a spokesman for the u.s. State department.

Dramatic departure

This dramatic departure is the result of the measures and sanctions announced on Thursday by Barack Obama, less than a month before his departure from the White House: in addition to these expulsions of diplomats suspected by Washington of being intelligence agents of the Russian, two residential complexes of russia in the north-eastern United States have been closed because they were perceived as the bases for these spies suspected. The GRU (secret service of the army) and the FSB (Federal Security service, former KGB) are also subject to economic sanctions and legal just like the four officers of the GRU, including its leader Igor Korobov.

The decision of Barack Obama, who believes that Moscow has orchestrated hacks it to disrupt the us presidential election, has been more or less disputed by his successor Donald Trump. The billionaire populist, who wants to get closer to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has once again expressed Saturday his doubts about the possible interference of the Russian in the american election.

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