Attentat à Istanbul : l'assailant still at large

The manhunt continues in Istanbul. Monday morning at dawn, more than 24 hours after the shooting that has made 39 people dead, including more than 20 foreigners, in a nightclub posh, the assailant is still at large and investigators turks still have no manager to be appointed. An attacker on the loose, no claim : the blur reign on the identity and the motivations of the author of this attack bloody against the Turkey, already shaken by 2016 with an attempted coup and a wave of deadly attacks attributed to the jihadist group islamic State (EI) or the kurd rebellion.

Responsible for the double bombing which has been 45 deaths in the centre of Istanbul on 10 December, via the Freedom Falcons of Kurdistan (TAK), the kurdish rebels were this time denied any responsibility. Murat Karayilan, a leader of the PKK, the Kurdistan workers ‘ Party, the main separatist group, the kurdish, has ruled out Sunday any involvement of “forces of the kurds” in the attack on the discotheque la Reina. But no claim is coming from the side of the AR, target since August an offensive of Turkish forces in northern Syria. In response to these military operations, EI has repeatedly called on his supporters to conduct attacks in Turkey.

A balance sheet further blur

Stating that the perpetrator had left his weapon on the scene and “took advantage of the anarchy to escape”, the Turkish Prime minister Binali Yildirim has not preferred any runway, suffice to say that the investigation “is progressing very careful”. While videos published on social networks were quickly shown Sunday, a man having rushed in front of the entrance of the disco pulling, the authorities in Ankara were quick to prohibit the dissemination of any image of the attack, as they typically do after the attacks. Blur on the assailant, therefore, unclear on his motivations, and the blur also on the number of foreign victims : if the number of at least fifteen killed aliens has been advanced on Sunday in the day by the Turkish authorities, it is now widely exceeded according to the information collected from the various diplomatic representations in Turkey or of foreign governments.

Infographic of the terrorist attack in Istanbul © AFP

Sunday night, in Ottawa, it is the Prime minister of canada Justin Trudeau has announced that a Canadian was among the killed. A new nationality, so after the other sources cited : three Jordanians, three Lebanese, three Iraqi, a Tunisian, a Franco-Tunisian, two Moroccans, two Indians, a Libyan, a Belgo-Turkish, Israeli, Kuwaiti, and “several” in Saudi arabia, five according to the daily, saudi-owned Asharq Al-Awsat. The 25-deaths of foreign nationals among the 700 to 800 people gathered in the nightclub Reina, at the edge of the Bosphorus, at the time of the shooting, some of which have plunged into the icy waters to escape from the bullets deadly. The Russian agency TASS has mentioned from his side on Monday the death of a Russian citizen. Press agency, Turkish Anadolu, citing unidentified sources at the ministry of Justice, spoke about it Monday morning of 27 dead foreigners and left 11 dead turks, a victim remaining non-identified. According to the latest provisional toll authorities, 65 people were also injured in the attack on the Reina.

“Firing kalashnikov”

Flowers and candles were laid in front of the nightclub on the Sunday night, under the gaze of police officers armed with sub-machine guns. Flowers and light to try to forget a drama that lasted only a few seconds in total. According to the news channel NTV, the attacker would have fired between 120 and 180 balls in seven minutes, before you change clothes and take flight. “We came over to have a good time but everything is suddenly transformed into a night of horror,” said Maximilian, an Italian tourist.

“We heard shots of kalashnikov, we thought that maybe it was people who had too much to drink and that bagarraient, but people have started throwing themselves on the ground,” testified Albert Farhat, on the lebanese channel LBCI. “It is my passport that my saved life, because I was wearing close to the heart”, has even testified on LCBI a Lebanese injured, François al-Asmar, explaining that a ball had touched the document. This attack has sparked a wave of outrage in the world. Washington, Moscow, Paris and Berlin, as well as pope Francis, have notably condemned.

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