Iraq : new car bombing in Baghdad

François Hollande, arrived in the morning even in Iraq, recalled just after the tragedy the necessity to end terrorism in the country. At least 32 people were killed and dozens injured Monday in a car bomb in a neighborhood with a shiite majority in Baghdad by a suicide bomber driving a car bomb. The attack has not yet been claimed numerous victims of the bombing of Baghdad were day labourers waiting to be hired on a square of Sadr City, a neighborhood located in the north-east of the capital, scene of frequent deadly attacks.

Second attack in 48 hours

Photos of the site of the attack shared on social networks show a column of black smoke rising in the sky and people injured, some very seriously, in a train to be evacuated. According to a colonel of police, 17 people were killed and 39 others injured. But a new balance was quickly reported 32 dead.” This is the second attack that has caused so much bloodshed in Baghdad within 48 hours. Saturday, on the eve of the new year, a double attack claimed by the group islamic State (EI) in a crowded market in the city center killed 27 people and wounded dozens of others.

Iraq continues to be regularly hit by bomb attacks or car bomb. They are usually claimed by the group to jihadist sunni who considers the shi’a muslims, the majority in Iraq, as ” heretics “. The ARS has lost a good part of the territories it had conquered in 2014 in this country, but retains its stronghold of Mosul in the north of the country as the iraqi army tries to take it back with the help of an international coalition antidjihadiste.

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