Macron : Merkel and the Germans have “saved” the “dignity” of l'Europe

Angela Merkel and the German society for the rescue of the “collective dignity” of theEurope. It is in these glowing terms thatEmmanuel Macron spoke of the German chancellor in a column published Monday in the daily le Monde. The presidential candidate was referring to the home of hundreds of thousands of refugees byGermany. “Chancellor Merkel and German society as a whole were at the height of our shared values ; they have saved our collective dignity by welcoming refugees in distress, in the housing, by forming “, has praised the leader of the movement In motion !. Germany has hosted 890 000 refugees in 2015 after the decision of the chancellor to open the borders of his country. Referring to the attack deadly attack on 19 December on a Christmas market in Berlin, Emmanuel Macron judge as “admirable ” the” unity serene, with which the German company has reacted to this attack “.

Avoid the use of amalgam

The presidential candidate talks about his refusal “to rebuild walls in Europe, which has suffered too much,” and his desire to avoid “amalgam” after ” claims of violence against women perpetrated last year in Cologne.” “Nothing is more false that (the)abject simplification “of those who claim that” in opening its borders to migrants, the chancellor would have exposed Europe to the worst dangers, and, today, its own capital city, ” growls there still. Only downside in this concert of praise : “whenItaly was fighting only the arrival of the refugees in Lampedusa, to the point that pope Francis has strongly moved, neither France nor Germany have been at an appointment.”

For Emmanuel Macron, “never,” France and Germany “have had as much need to show solidarity” and affirm their ” community of fate “. In favour of a ” Europe of sovereignty “, he calls, in the face of the terrorist threat, to “preserve” the Schengen agreements “to strengthen the body of the border guard of europe” to “develop cooperative agreements with the major countries of emigration and transit, “and to” create a system of information in common “.

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