Sinking of the “Titanic” : the fault d'a fire ?

1912. The Titanic, a liner luxurious and gigantic, which was carrying nearly 2 500 people, wrecked in the night from 14 to 15 April. A true myth of the Twentieth century, the ship continues to fascinate the public opinion. His story gave birth to the famous blockbuster film of James Cameron, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. For a long time, the cause of the sinking has been attributed to the collision of the ship with an iceberg, which would have pierced the hull of the giant. An assumption that could be inaccurate…

Addition of extraordinary factors

The website of The Independent reveals that the discovery of new photographs has enabled the experts to advance another theory. A fire would have triggered at the level of the hull prior to a few weeks before the launching of the ship. An incident which weakened its structure, and would explain why the boat has so quickly sunk after its collision with the iceberg. Senan Molony, a specialist on the sinking of the Titanic, said to The Independent : “This shipwreck is not the story of a simple collision between a ship and an iceberg. It is the accumulation of extraordinary factors : fire, ice, and neglect. This fire was known, but it has been minimized. The ship should never have been put in the sea. “

These revelations could put a myth older than a century. A legend perpetuated by books, tv movies and feature films. The tragic love between Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater has fascinated millions of spectators to the cinema. The film, released in 1997, holds the record number of entries in France (more than twenty million !). The implementation of multi-channels always drawn to television : in December last year, TF1 has registered close to 5 million viewers. This new element, if it was proven, could give grist to those who dream of a new film. James Cameron to play !

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