Thailand : the French tourist, the selfie and the crocodile

If this is theIndia that currently holds the sad record of “dead by selfie”, the race for “likes” has failed to make a victim more, this time in Thailand… A French tourist has won a stay in the hospital approaching a little too much for a crocodile to take a picture of themselves. “She wanted to take a selfie with the animal, which was lying in the creek. Surprised, he was bitten on the leg,” explained an official of the park of Khao Yai, who wished to remain anonymous.

The victim was transported to the hospital but his days are not in danger. The local media have published several photos of the forest rangers, equipped with camouflage uniforms, trying to carry them on a stretcher while she has a thick bandage around the knee. And also pictures of the stream of red blood in front of a panel that indicates that the area is dangerous.

Threatened species

“At this point in the park, there is a sign which warns that a crocodile lives there and the people can watch it from the platform – but I guess she wanted to see it more closely,” added the manager. Crocodiles siamese were once ubiquitous in Asia of the South East but their numbers have drastically fallen due to hunting and destruction of their natural habitat. They are currently on the red list of the international Union for conservation of nature (IUCN) for threatened species. A handful of them still live in the park of Khao Yai, where hikers come to admire the waterfalls and the jungle which is home to wild elephants, gibbons, monkeys and thousands of snakes.

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