The battle of Mosul could s'complete “before the'summer”, according to Holland

François Hollande was on a visit to Iraq on Monday. “The battle waged by the iraqi forces and the international coalition to take back Mosul to the group islamic State (EI) could be completed before the summer. We’re not done (jihadists), there is Mosul. It was confirmed to us that we could reach this goal, as much as is possible, in the spring, in any case before the summer “, said the head of the French State from the iraqi Kurdistan, the last step of his trip devoted mainly to the fight against the EI, which occupies the northern city of Mosul since June 2014.

Last week, iraqi Prime minister Haïder al-Abadi, with which Mr Hollande spoke in Baghdad on Monday, had referred to a deadline of “three months” to “eliminate” the EI in Iraq. The France is the second largest contributor to the international coalition acting against the ARS, behind the United States. It conducts air raids in Iraq and Syria on targets and jihadists-including the elite troops of the counter-terrorism iraqi (CTS). The offensive launched on 17 October in Mosul, the last stronghold of the EI in Iraq, has helped return more than half of the eastern neighborhoods, but the areas west are still fully controlled by the jihadists.

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