Bombing of Berlin : l'investigation continues with searches

Searches for two knowledge of the Tunisian Anis Amri, the presumed author of the attack of Berlin, were held Tuesday in the German capital, announced the anti-terrorist prosecutor, without mentioning the incidents in his search for possible accomplices. One of the raids targeted a home of asylum seekers where there is a Tunisian 26-year-old qualified as “suspect”. “He knew Anise Amri since at least the end of 2015, and was still in contact with him shortly before the attack, so that there is the suspicion that the suspect has been informed of the project of an attack or that it might have helped Anis Amri,” said the prosecutor in his press release.

A second search took place in an apartment in Berlin which housed a former roommate of the alleged perpetrator of the attack that killed 12 people. It also would have been in contact with Amri before the attack, according to the public prosecutor, who will be presenting on Wednesday afternoon on the progress of the investigation. Anis Amri have been killed in Italy after more than three days on the run, the investigation is trying to determine whether he has benefited from accomplices before, during or after the attack on the truck-aries of 19 December. So far, no arrest has taken place. A Tunisian was held briefly last week before being released.

Classified as “dangerous”

The attack, claimed by the group islamic State, is the attack on islamist the most deadly committed on German soil. It has highlighted a number of gaps and flaws in the system of anti-terrorism German, while Anis Amri was an islamist known classified “dangerous”. Although he had reported plans of attacks and even been the subject of police surveillance for several months, police and magistrates have judged to be low risk that it passes to the act and abandoned in September the investigation the aimed.

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