Brexit : the resignation of l'british ambassador to the'EU

Less than three months before the outbreak expected from the procedure exit of the Uk from the european Union, the british ambassador to the EU, Ivan Rogers, has resigned from his functions, a-t we learned Tuesday, 3 January close source folder. According to the british media, this departure would be linked to a deterioration of its relations with some members of the government on the back of the Brexit.

Last month, Ivan Rogers had been at the heart of a controversy after the leak of remarks made in front of the ministers in the uk. It would have explained that the 27 other member States of the EU believed that a new trade agreement, which is supposed to manage the future relationship between Britain and the EU after Brexit, would not be signed before the beginning or even the middle of the decade 2020.


At this meeting, in October, Ivan Rogers would have also pointed out that the future agreement was also running the risk of being rejected by the parliaments of these countries that will have to be consulted. “This is not the position of Sir Ivan Rogers, and this is not the position of the government”, had reacted to the spokesman of Downing Street. “The ambassador has passed on advice that had been received, as it should be”.

Theresa May has been assured that it would activate article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which will open the negotiations of exit before the end of the month of march. It will start a countdown of two years, after which the Uk will leave the block of 28. “The goal is that we get an agreement in the course of this period that allows us to leave the european Union and to allow us to trade with and within the single european market”, added the spokesperson.

“His resignation is not a surprise”

The words of Ivan Rogers had triggered the fury of the press, anti-european, while diplomatic sources in Brussels had said that the diplomat had been the victim of pro-Brexit anxious to get rid of him. “His resignation is not a surprise to those who work with him,” said an eu diplomat. “He was very competent, but not convinced by the decision to “Brexit” and the line of the british government, who will lead the United Kingdom into a zone of uncertainty unsafe.”

To the director of the study centre on european issues Centre for European Reform, Charles Grant, this resignation “makes the possibility of a good agreement on the Brexit less likely”. Ivan Rogers “was one of the few high level officials from british to understand the EU”. Ivan Rogers had been appointed in November 2013 by the government of David Cameron and was to remain in post until the end of the year.

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