Ford prefers to invest in the United States rather than'in Mexico

Is this a consequence of the campaign against outsourcing led by Trump ? Tuesday, January 3, automotive group us Ford has announced the cancellation of the construction of a new plant of $ 1.6 billion in Mexico. Instead, the group is planning to invest in one of its facilities in the north of the United States to manufacture autonomous vehicles, and electric. This announcement comes at a time when the elected president of the u.s. Donald Trump is increasing its pressure on the big groups of americans so that they are repatriating their manufacturing facilities in the United States, taking in particular to target their investments in Mexico.

Second group of american car, Ford seems to have heard the message back on its decision announced in April to build a plant in San Luis Potosí, in central Mexico, where it was expected to create 2 800 jobs and invest $ 1.6 billion. In a press release, the group now insures that it will use almost half of this amount ($700 million) to increase the capacity of its plant in Flat Rock located in Michigan, a northern State of the U.s. hard hit by deindustrialisation, and where Donald Trump had scored a crucial victory in the presidential election.

A decision in any ” independence “

The CEO of Ford, however, said they had taken this decision in any ” independence “. “We have not concluded agreement with the elected president,” said in an interview with the CNN Mark Fields, who acknowledges, however, having discussed it Tuesday with the vice president-elect Mike Pence. “We have done what is good for our business, before anything else “, declared the CEO, justifying the change of course by “a more positive environment for the manufacturing industry and investment” in the United States.

This investment spread over 4 years is expected to create 700 new jobs in Michigan and was immediately greeted by one of the leaders of the great trade union of the automotive UAW at Ford. During the campaign, mid-September, the populist contender was directly taken to Ford by saying that it “should not allow’ the manufacturer to relocate its factories in Mexico, where the labor is much less costly than in the United States.

Shortly after the victory of the populist contender on 8 November, Mark Fields had indirectly responded by saying that he would not return on its investment projects in Mexico. In mid-November, the president-elect had already claimed a first victory against Ford by ensuring you have got the maintenance in Kentucky (centre-east) of an assembly site, according to him, bound for Mexico. His great rival General Motors has also not been spared, and was found on Tuesday in the collimator of the future u.s. president, who has threatened to customs penalties if it does not make the United States the cars it sells.

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