Hong Kong : l'former head of the government on trial for corruption

In Hong Kong, the fight against corruption would begin to bear fruit ? Since 2012, this is the former head of government Donald Tsang, who is in the viewfinder of justice. Fallen in disgrace for having accepted gifts from billionaires, he pleaded not guilty Tuesday at the opening of his trial. At the age of 72, this former chief executive officer (2005 to 2012) is the most senior official in hong kong to be tried for corruption.

This case shakes the pearl of the East, a stronghold of international finance is proud of its reputation of transparency and openness. The former leader arrived Tuesday in the High Court of Hong Kong accompanied by his wife. The air is dark, he has pleaded not guilty to three counts of corruption and misconduct. Each of the three counts is punishable by up to seven years in prison. He is accused of failing to reveal his project of renting a luxury apartment in Shenzhen, in southern China, owned by a wholesale investor of a broadcasting group that sought to obtain a license from the government in hong kong. It is also blamed for not having made public the fact that the architect to whom he wanted to confer an honorary title, had also exercised his talents as an interior decorator in the apartment in question.

Confidence eroded

He has stated in the past to be “quite certain” to be exempt by the court. In 2012, he had apologized for accepting gifts alleged in the form of cruises on yachts and luxurious of the private jets. The confidence of hong Kong people in their political class has been eroded in recent times due to a series of corruption cases that have fueled public suspicion on the close links between the authorities and the business world.

The current leader of the government in hong kong, the unpopular Leung Chun-ying, is himself facing charges of corruption, according to media reports, due to a payment of 50 million hong kong (€6.1 million) from an australian company, prior to his arrival in power. In 2014, Rafael Hui, who had been the assistant to Donald Tsang from 2005 to 2007, has been sentenced to seven years and six months in prison for receiving bribes from the billionaire Thomas Kwok, tycoon in hong kong of the real estate, itself, sentenced to five years firm.

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