Istanbul : l'author'attack still on the run

The group islamic State (EI) has claimed responsibility for the attack in the new year, and 39 died in a nightclub in Istanbul. The author of the killing was still at large Tuesday, tracked down by Turkish authorities, who have reaffirmed their “determination” in the face of the jihadists in Syria. The bombing of the discotheque la Reina ” is a message intended for the overseas operations, starting with operation Shield of the Euphrates river, said Numan Kurtulmus, the subject matter of the transaction committed by the Turkish troops in Syria against the ir and the militias the kurds. But ” we will continue to conduct our operations abroad with determination “, he insisted, without responding directly to the claim of the ARS regarding the attack of Istanbul.

In a statement posted on the social networks, the AR had provided a few hours earlier that it is “one of the soldiers of the caliphate” that has led the attack on the Reina, this nightclub’s posh Turkish metropolis in which perished many foreigners, mostly from arab countries. In this press release, the AR has accused Turkey, a country populated mainly by muslims, to be allied with the christians, presumably in reference to the coalition’s international anti-jihadist-led by Washington and that is part of Ankara. The jihadists had already repeatedly threatened to hit Turkey in retaliation to its operations in Syria.

An ” investigation difficult “

In fact, the attack of the new year occurred, while the Turkish army tent, at the price of heavy losses, to regain the city of Al-Bab, a stronghold of the ARS in the north of Syria. This is the first time that the organization claims to directly attack Turkey, even if several attacks against tourists, particularly in Istanbul, have already been granted by the authorities. The author of the attack that brought death to the Reina pulling randomly out of the hundreds of people who were celebrating the new year is still at large and actively being sought. “Data relating to fingerprints and appearance” of the killer have been obtained, said the government spokesperson, Numan Kurtulmus, citing a ” investigation difficult “. “We’re going to quickly enter into the process of identification “, he added.

In the course of the investigation, teams of the anti-terrorist police in Istanbul have arrested and placed in police custody eight persons Monday. The bombing at Reina marks a beginning 2017 bloody for Turkey, already shaken by 2016 with an attempted coup and a wave of deadly attacks linked to the jihadists or to the kurd rebellion. At 1: 15 a.m. local time Sunday, a man armed with an assault rifle popped up in front of the nightclub located on the shores of the Bosphorus, on the european side of Istanbul, killing two people at the front entrance to get inside and cause death. According to the Turkish media, the assailant has fired between 120 and 180 bullets during the attack, before you change clothes and escape. Several of the victims were killed with a bullet in the head at close range, according to the Turkish media, citing autopsy reports. “I think back to those moments, I just can’t seem to erase from my memory. People panicked, the blood, the sounds of gunfire, ” said Monday a survivor of the franco-Turkish, Yusuf Kodat.

27 foreigners killed

This attack occurred despite a massive deployment of police forces in Istanbul, a sprawling city hit by numerous bomb attacks during the past year. According to Hürriyet, the investigators believe that the assailant could be related to a cell that committed a triple suicide bomb attack to Atatürk airport in Istanbul, which has been 47 deaths in June, which was charged to the reaction by the authorities. According to the daily, investigators believe the attacker may have originated in central Asia, Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan. According to the latest figures from the media, twelve Turks, including a Belgian-Turkish, and twenty-seven foreigners died in the attack at Reina. Among the foreigners killed, most of them from arab countries, are two Jordanians, three Iraqis and three Lebanese.

The producer of the indian film Abis Rizvi, the son of a former parliamentarian, was also killed. Several personalities of Bollywood paid him tribute. A Franco-Tunisian, a Canadian, and a young Israeli also died. Hundreds of people attended Monday the funeral of Yunus Görmek, a Turkish 23-year-old who worked as a server at Reina to finance his studies, according to a photographer from AFP. This attack has sparked a wave of outrage in the world. Washington, Moscow, Paris and Berlin, as well as pope Francis have condemned.

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