New York : $ 6 million of jewellery stolen during new year’s eve

Burglars have taken advantage of the New Year in New York city for a steal Saturday, some six million dollars worth of jewelry, the nose and the beard of thousands of police deployed near there, on Times Square. Police were searching also on Tuesday three burglars spotted on the images, remote monitoring of KGK Holdings, a wholesaler and diamond dealer based in India, told theAgency France Presse, a spokesman, detective Ahmed Nasser. To 22 hours local on December 31 (3 pm GMT on the 1st of January), while nearly a million people were converging in Times Square, where were engaged some 7,000 police officers, the three men broke into the building which houses the jeweler at 70 West 36th Street. They are mounted on the sixth floor of the building where are the offices of KGK Holdings and forced the door with iron bars and hammers. They then robbed “two safes that contained rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc,” said the detective.

They are left with their loot just after midnight, a-t-it added, while the feast was in full swing in Times Square which had just dropped the famous “ball”, symbolizing the transition into the new year, as is a tradition virtually uninterrupted since 1907. The new york police has released excerpts of the cameras monitoring station showing two of the burglars, including one face to face, striking the hammer on the front door, before realizing that they are filmed and breaking the camera. No one was injured during the burglary, said police.

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