Pierre Fillon president of the ACO is also a knight

Pierre Fillon : le président de l'ACO est aussi un chevalier

The family Fillon will be remembered in good terms by the end of the year 2016 and the beginning of the financial year 2017. One, named François, and former Prime minister, has emerged in his camp with a view to an electoral fight that could do the president of the Republic. The other, Peter, and brother is already a president, but he is in a more knight. It knows how to trace his furrow in Fillon.

It is also a recognition for an ACO that weighs its weight in motorsport at both national and international. The Sarthe has therefore been in the spotlight in the statement of the promotion of the January 1, 2017 the medal of the Legion of honor.

One of its inhabitants, Pierre Fillon, has been rewarded. He joined the Automobile Club of the West in 1995 before being appointed as a director in December 2003, a member of the steering committee in November 2006 he became President on may 31, 2012. Doctor of medicine, he also exercises the profession of ophthalmologist at le Mans since 1988.

He was appointed to the rank of knight. It will be recalled that he has attended several flight schools in French, including le Mans, and he is regularly in the squad since 2009 to Series V de V FFSA. Pierre Fillon is married and the father of three children. He was born July 25, 1958.

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