Saudi arabia : the clip that denounces the condition of women

We are surprised that such a system still exists today on the planet. In saudi Arabia, remember, women do not have the right to drive, open a personal bank account, travel abroad, marry without permission, etc, A situation preposterous denounced in the last video clip of the producer and musician saudi Majed Al-Esa, already known for his videos to be very critical towards the political system and religious monarchy of the Gulf.

In his latest accomplishment, music, Majed Al-Esa sets the scene of the women held brightly-colored, but covered with a long niqab black, full veil covering the face except the eyes, the norm in the country. This is not clearly the habit of the islamic, which is denounced in this video, but rather the dominance of men and of the police of morals on the fairer sex. The first scene, for example, shows six women entering a car driven by a… child. The following images present in dancing in a public park, playing basketball, skating or even driving a car… bumper, under the gaze désapprobateur men saudis.

“That all men should be banned “

In the saudi society, if the authority has conceded recently, several reforms targeting women, such as the right to vote in municipal elections, the men retain a status of guardianship over women in many areas, as revealed by a report from the NGO Human Rights Watch, published last July. In his video, Majed Al-Esa compares these practices saudi arabian methods of the american president-elect, Donald Trump, who made two – false – appearances by cardboard cut out. The man from saudi-arabia, and the male race in general, is violently accused in the light of this word sung by the women veiled, and translated into French : “That all men should be banned since they have given us the mental illness. “

View more than two million times on YouTube, the clip has collected a lot of comments of support. “These veiled women a niqab blow a wind storm on the Middle East in defiance of the regime oppressive saudi Arabia “, writes @burntsultana on the social network Twitter. The feminist activist Manal Al-Sharif supports also the initiative of Majed Al-Esa : “The director of saudi arabia @majedalesa breaks down stereotypes about women saudi women in a funny video relevant to the times. I love it. “

These niqab-clad women have taken the Middle East by storm by challenging Saudi Arabia’s oppressive system #هواجيس

— سارة (@burntsultana) January 2, 2017

The Saudi director @majedalesa breaks stereotypes about Saudi women in a funny yet clever video clip loved it

— منال مسعود الشريف (@manal_alsharif) December 24, 2016

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