Trump at the White House : towards a new republican era

The republicans will regain full power… and this was not happened for the past eleven years. In 2017, they will be at the head of the White House and the Congress and will have the freedom to impose an ambitious program of reforms with a conservative. Donald Trump will take office on 20 January. The president submits the legislative proposal of its partners republicans, but he showed on Tuesday 3 January that he would continue to play the wag, criticizing the controversial reform of a discrete independent body on the ethics of parliamentarians.

The Congress elected in November, at the same time as the next president, takes up his duties as stipulated by the 20th amendment to the Constitution on January 3. First task for american congressmen : confirm to their positions, as the twenty people named by Donald Trump in his government team. There will be hearings in the Senate as early as next week. Some celebrities should be welcomed with benevolence, as general James Mattis, appointed head of the Pentagon.

The time of the reforms

But the democrats, in the minority, they promised to put a spoke in the wheels of at least eight candidates, including Rex Tillerson, CEO of oil giant ExxonMobil appointed to the head of the diplomacy, and Jeff Sessions, senator appointed to the Justice. In 2009, the Senate had confirmed, by unanimous vote, the seven members of the government of the young democratic president Barack Obama on the same day of his inauguration.

Then will come the time of the reforms, at no charge : the repeal of the reform is emblematic of the health insurance called “Obamacare” ; the deletion of hundreds of regulations of the Obama era, the working environment and an overhaul of the tax rules for energy… The republicans have been preparing for years to return to power. Their leaders, Paul Ryan on the side of the House of representatives and Mitch McConnell in the Senate, have a catalog of laws ready to be voted, forged from the trenches of ideological, where Barack Obama has maintained for eight years.

“We have spent all of the year 2016 we should prepare a power unified in 2017”, explained in December on CNBC, Paul Ryan, who is expected to be re-elected to her position as “speaker” on Tuesday. “Last year, we prepared to land in 2017 and to turn everything upside down”. Donald Trump has already given a guarantee to conservatives, and should enact everything, or nearly everything. Disagreements exist, however, on the gigantic investment plan in infrastructure – 1 000 billion dollars – that the populist he promised his voters.

“Clean the swamp”

The successor of Barack Obama campaigned against the system and establishment, promising to “clean the swamp” and to limit the influence of lobbyists in his administration. But the House republicans have caused a public outcry by voting in closed session Monday evening, public holidays in the United States, to restrict the powers of the Office of parliamentary ethics, an independent body created in 2008 to investigate potential cases of corruption or other ethical violations of elected officials.

The majority group has adopted a new regulation which awards the office to the bosom of the parliaments ; this regulation should be adopted Tuesday by the Chamber. A change that has not liked the Donald Trump. Have they nothing better to do ? he writes, in substance, on Twitter Tuesday. “Focus on tax reform, health and all the other far more important things !” thundered the republican president, which address a first warning to his allies in the Congress.

The case of cyber attacks to Russian

The next 17 days, until she moved to the White House, will also be dominated by the case of cyber attacks Russian against the democratic party and a close friend of Hillary Clinton during the election campaign. Barack Obama has sanctioned Russia for attempting to influence the outcome of the election by destabilising the candidate a democrat. But Donald Trump doubt aloud that Moscow is responsible for it, against the opinion of the american services.

The republican said Saturday that he knew “things that other people do not know”. “It may be someone else,” he said, promising a response “Tuesday or Wednesday”. Senator John McCain, declared enemy of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, has not waited. It has already organised a major hearing in the Senate on Thursday, with the boss of u.s. Intelligence, James Clapper, and the head of the spy agency the NSA, Michael Rogers.

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