United states : l'moment of truth is approaching for Donald Trump

Less than three weeks to refine, again and again, the management plan for the country and choose its last employees. Donald Trump must still go through the ceremony of investiture, on the 20th of January next, before you officially take the controls of an America divided. But the strategy of the coup of mouth standing that propelled him to the presidency, she will face the harsh realities of power ?

The billionaire populist whose victory-surprise triggered a wave of shock through the world, will come in the legendary oval Office, with a level of unpopularity of 48 %. His predecessor, Barack Obama, who had warned before the presidential election of November 8, against the danger that would Trump democracy, goes, him, with a popularity record of 55 %. But, surprisingly, the business man, totally novice in politics, has broken all the codes, beat all his republican adversaries before triumphing in the face of the democratic party Hillary Clinton. Since, in the midst of a transition, the political climate is heavy and full of uncertainties. “It is hard to say what to expect with Trump, because he has so little experience of political power, and it is, of course, mood change very quickly “, is concerned about Fred Greenstein, a professor at Princeton and author of a book on the presidents of the United States (The Presidential Difference : Leadership Style from FDR to Barack Obama).

470 employees

In fact, nearly two months after his election, Donald Trump still of Donald Trump : he has kept his personality considered to be erratic – he had described himself as “unpredictable” – and he continued his communication devise on Twitter, in particular, on the major issues of foreign policy. “I don’t know what he wants to do, and I believe him no more “, was held in early December, democratic senator Patrick Leahy. But, from the 20th of January, he will have to drive the first power in the world.

To help settle dozens of files daily, the commander-in-chief will be at his side 470 employees at the White House. A former adviser to the famous “West Wing” (” the west Wing “) says : “I don’t know if they already know” how the 45th president of the United States, which has spent up to now most of his time at the top of its tower Trump in Manhattan and in his club of Florida, will manage the reality of the exercise of power. Donald Trump will have his hand an administration that he has carefully assembly in recent weeks in a coupling of members of his family, billionaires, businessmen, caciques republicans and generals in retirement.

What space his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner will they ? Let-t-he of the place to his vice-president Mike Pence, its secretary-general, the hierarch republican Reince Priebus, or its strategy advisor Steve Bannon, a figure of the extreme american right ? The history of the way in which previous presidents ruled, narrated by the professor Greenstein, is instructive. The democrat Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) allowed his wife, Rosalynn, to attend meetings of importance. The democrats and Franklin Roosevelt (1933-1945) and Bill Clinton (1993-2001) left their wives Eleanor and Hillary influence policy.

The previous Eisenhower

The republican Dwight Eisenhower, who, like Donald Trump, was a novice in politics, enjoyed a lively debate of ideas breaks out between his advisors before making a decision. On the contrary, his distant successor, republican Ronald Reagan (1981-1988) he hated open conflict, and was surrounded by an “interesting triumvirate,” says Mr. Greenstein : (Edwin) ” Meese, a sort of ideologue, Jim Baker, the politician is pragmatic and part republican, and Mike Deaver, the man of public relations and very close to Nancy Reagan.

“They weren’t arguing, because they represented the different faces of ronald Reagan “, he says. But the “West Wing” may have seemed too narrow to ambitious competitors : as under the presidency of George Bush (1989-1993), when its secretary-general John Sununu and budget director Richard Darman is écharpaient on taxes. George W. Bush (2001-2008) had to also dial between his powerful vice president Dick Cheney and his influential Defense minister Donald Rumsfeld. “Who attends meetings, who has the ear of the president, who has the chance to talk to him before he decides, it is fundamental “, was summarized by Mr. Cheney prior to being vice-president.

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