Formula E : a virtual race between pros and amateurs for a million dollars

Formula E : une course virtuelle entre pros et amateurs pour un million de dollars

Americans know nothing with an electric car, and it falls well, the living room of the electronics will be the opportunity for the organizers of the championship Formula E to make a electric racing cars that will travel through the city in order to attempt to make the competition a little more popular. A virtual race organized between professional pilots and enthusiasts will give rise to an extraordinary gain of one million dollars.

The great mass of the electron opens its doors this week in Las Vegas, and the famous CES (consumer electronics show) is more and more popular by the car manufacturers, some even going so far as to promote THESE at the salon of Detroit. This will also be a great opportunity for the organizers of the Formula E trying to make it a little more popular electric vehicles in the country of uncle Sam doing a tour of the capital of casinos to the car battery.

Better yet, the Formula E will be at the center of a virtual race simulator between 20 professional drivers engaged in Formula E, and 10 “driver simulators”. The creators have reproduced a path in a full Las Vegas with a passage on the “strip”, this avenue famous Las Vegas.

Screw Vegas eRace will take place over several days with a final organised on Saturday, and, key, a gain of a million dollars, the largest for an esports competition (competition virtual line) according to the leaders of the Formula E.

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