Scandal e-mails d'Hillary Clinton : Russia is out of the question, according to Assange

WikiLeaks does not leave from Barack Obama without one last parting gift. The organization of Julian Assange promised on Tuesday a reward for any document leaked from the White House. “Notice to administrators : don’t let the White House destroy new history of the United States ! Copy (the documents) now, and send () to WikiLeaks when you want to ! ” it was announced on Twitter, the organization specialized in the revelations of secret documents. “We offer a reward of $ 20,000 for any information for the arrest or blacklisting of any agent of the Obama administration who destroyed records important,” continues the site.

Julian Assange was then granted a long interview to the us television network Fox in the ecuadorian embassy in London, where he is a refugee from June 2012. He again refused to give the source that has transmitted to WikiLeaks documents appropriated in the e-mail from John Podesta, chief of campaign of the candidate, democrat Hillary Clinton, three of which speech of the former secretary of State, paid by the bank Goldman Sachs, highlighting its links with Wall Street.

The statements of Hillary Clinton responsible for his loss

Hillary Clinton has accused the Russian government of being responsible for these leaks – a point of view shared by the american administration – and has been criticized by WikiLeaks to help his opponent, republican Donald Trump, who won the presidential election. “The source is not the government of the Russian federation “, hammered on Fox Julian Assange, a staunch critic of Hillary Clinton. Julian Assange has deemed it “impossible to say” if the revelation of these e-mails had led to the election of the real estate mogul on 8 November.

But if “it was,” what are the “true statements” of Hillary Clinton and her entourage, that is to say, those who were held in these e-mails, which have ” swung the election “, he argued. WikiLeaks had also published just before the democratic convention in July, some 20 000 internal e-mails to the party revealing a possible patronage of its leaders in favor of Hillary Clinton during the primaries, who was the president of the national committee of the democratic Party to resign.

Julian Assange, 45, is a refugee at the ecuadorian embassy in London since June 2012 to avoid being extradited to Sweden, where he is the subject of an arrest warrant in the course of an investigation for rape, after the complaint by Swedish in 2010. Julian Assange denies the facts, claiming that it was a maneuver to extradite him to the United States, who want to judge for the dissemination of secret information.

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