THESE Las Vegas – Toyota-Concept-i, the car that teaches its driver

The japanese do not wish to propose autonomous cars that would be mere robots on wheels. With the Concept-i, it shows a more human vision of the vehicles of the future, with an artificial intelligence that learns how to build a real relationship with the driver.

CES de Las Vegas - Toyota Concept-i, la voiture qui apprend de son conducteur

The car, best friend of the man ? Such seems to be the vision of Toyota, who dream of a future where cars would be friendly and full of attention towards us. To symbolize this, the japanese designed the Concept-i, unveiled at the ces in Las Vegas, and speaks of “heat-kinetic”. It is a concept “according to which technologies of mobility must be sympathetic, friendly and, above all, fun”.

This prototype has been developed by the center for american design from Toyota, based in California. As often with this kind of study, don’t look for clues aesthetic on the cars expected in dealerships in the next few years. The Concept-i also prefigures a future in the longer term.

CES de Las Vegas - Toyota Concept-i, la voiture qui apprend de son conducteur

The Concept-i work from the artificial intelligence (AI), which is able to bind a link with the driver. This AI can anticipate the expectations of the driver and improve his quality of life. It does not merely analyze the driving data, such as routes or patterns hours. It also measures the emotion of the person who is holding the steering wheel. The Concept-i is, not surprisingly, stand-alone, but the human will be able to take orders. The car will, however, always with the grain.

Soon to be tested on road

To make the link between the embedded technologies and passenger-friendly way, Toyota has created an interface that takes the appearance of a little character nicknamed Yui. It appears in the center of the dashboard, but Yui may transmit information throughout the cabin with light, sound or even touch.

Toyota is as well the impasse on the screens conventional, preferring to talk about “time and place”. For example, to indicate that the car is in autonomous mode, the lights turn on at the level of the feet. Outside, the body shall also communicate, with messages that appear on the stern. Yui appears at the door to greet the passengers upon their arrival.

Toyota announced that a testing route will be conducted in Japan in the years to come.

CES de Las Vegas - Toyota Concept-i, la voiture qui apprend de son conducteur

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