Polluting emissions of Renault : the prosecutor’s office is seized

Émissions polluantes des Renault : le parquet est saisi

It’s official, The investigation on the polluting emissions of Renault was finally referred to the prosecutor of the Republic, who shall rule from the angle of public health. A situation in which the diamond would have gone well. But he takes note of it and warns that it will assert its rights, starting by avoiding any linkage with the case of Volkswagen.

This is not exactly good news for Renault, which is found as damage collateral to the vagaries of Volkswagen about the emissions of its diesel engines. A scandal made up by the use of a software truqueur that doesn’t exist at Renault. However, the French manufacturer found itself in the same boat order as its German counterpart.

Thus, the prosecutor’s office in Paris announced in march have decided opening an investigation for “aggravated tort of deceit” in the case of Volkswagen. And this is the same prosecutor of Paris, which has just been entered to consider the case of a rhombus. The Direction of the repression of fraud (DGCCRF) was sent on 9 November the public prosecutor in Nanterre, a notice of violation, a procedure for ” the offence of deceit on the substantial qualities of goods, and on the controls carried out against the company Renault SAS and its president-director-general “. In this case, Carlos Ghosn.

On receipt of the findings of the investigation of Bercy on the polluting emissions of diesel vehicles from Renault, the public prosecutor of Nanterre has forwarded this file to the public prosecutor of Paris. As the public prosecutor of Paris is competent in respect of the pole of public health and of the court interregional specialized.

It is now up to the justice to give the suites as it deems necessary for the alleged violations mentioned by the repression of the frauds. The latter had relied on the results of tests carried out on vehicles, but also on the analysis of documents seized during a search of the premises of the manufacturer and on the hearing of representatives of the company. This is particular model Captur, which was on the spot.

Renault has responded by stating that it would “defend its rights ” and reiterated that its vehicles are not equipped with software of fraud on the devices and clean-up “.

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