Nissan : the next Leaf will be autonomous on the highway

The electric car has struggled with her self but yet she drives a forced march towards an autonomous character. At least that is what Nissan wants to demonstrate by making a few technological refinements to his model batteries Leaf. The partner of Renault announced that his opus will be self-sustaining on the highways.

Nissan : la prochaine Leaf sera autonome sur les autoroutes

Take a big ribbon with a Nissan Leaf will soon be offering the opportunity to surrender the wheel to engage in other activities. It is the promise of Nissan with its ProPilot. The exhibition dedicated to the high-tech of Las Vegas, the manufacturer has made a sensation by offering its electric car for the general public of reference, an opportunity previously offered at the very top of the range.

It will be recalled that to be autonomous, for a vehicle, it is to answer a level three or four. Specifically, in level three, the car is able to ride all alone, independently on certain roads, but relies on the driver in the last instance : it is he who is responsible for the vehicle and the control commands. The Tesla Model X and Model S are at this level today.

In level four, all conduct is supported by the car : this is the computer system that relies on itself to correct itself and adjust. In this case, the car is able to avoid any situation of danger and to ride from the beginning to the end of the route on certain roads, such as motorways.

The Leaf base cost a little bit less than 20 000 euros, it is understood that it advertises itself as the car that will bring the autonomous vehicle in the mores of the general public. The beginning of the new era as advertised. However, the japanese manufacturer has not indicated a release date for his vehicle so equipped.

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