Strike : a truck takes everything in its path

Strike : un camion emporte tout sur son passage

The snow makes new victims in Canada. This sequence carried out near Toronto, shows a huge pileup on the highway. A truck was swept on its way over 100 cars. Even if the images are very spectacular, no person has been injured.

See a truck arriving at a brisk pace in his rear view mirror being stuck in the snow with his car must be a terrifying experience. This is exactly what happened to these stranded motorists on the highway in Canada near Toronto.

The clip starts without incident. Several vehicles forming a traffic jam on the three lanes because of the snow and lack of visibility. A few seconds later, the situation worsens : cars hamper too late at the point of bend of the sheet metal. The worst comes next with a road having totally lost control of his truck. He embarked in the passage according to the local press more than 100 cars. The damage, fortunately, that material. No person has been injured in the disaster.

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