The Jaguar F-Pace arrives into an opportunity : an opportunity roaring ?

The first SUV of the brand in the cat, the F-Pace has made its first few revolutions of the wheel as it was 8 months. It happens so today on the used market, while a few customers waiting, hoping to do good business. Merit there to roar his wallet ? Response.

Le Jaguar F-Pace arrive en occasion : une occasion rugissante ?

Presented with great fanfare at the Frankfurt motor show 2015, the F-Pace is just the first SUV in the history of Jaguar. Designed to be the direct competitor to the Porsche Macan, it is a physical benefit and an onboard ambience that is different to allure its customers. If the style is relatively unanimous, with lines times to the sedan and coupe of the brand, bodybuildées, and having taken the height, the interior ambience was somewhat disappointed. Not quite british, quite bland, but very well finished, fortunately.

Our tests have also unveiled a behaviour extremely sharp. The F-Pace is a machine high and heavy, but it drives like a sedan, with a agility of any cat. It is surprising, our tester Pierre Desjardins is still not delivered.

Of course, these qualities do not come without a big cheque to sign. Yes, but in the end, the competition does no better, and rather worse. The price/benefit of this big cat is actually quite advantageous.

Of course. But the purses of prospective customers are not as filled as they want to, it is the arrival in the second hand that they are waiting on a firm footing. And in fact, the first copies arrive. The object of our study today, let’s see if the choice is vast, and the prices were good.

A Jaguar F-Pace in second-hand : what are the supply chains ?

As always at the beginning of life on the market of the second hand, the main providers of vehicles are the professionals. The concessions are separate, in fact their first demonstration vehicles and executive. Between the different sites of the announcement and the official website of the manufacturer they are approximately 160 to 170 cars available to potential buyers.

Of course, the Central and the right corner are still the main media on which you will be able to find your happiness.

Furthermore, few opportunities are available through the official internet site of the brand, under the label “Jaguar Approved” :

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