Renault : redemption of a competitor of Uber

Renault : rachat d'un concurrent d'Uber

Renault takes the same path as Volkswagen. No, this time, there is no reference shot to a “dieselgate” that enfume more and more car manufacturers. Fiat Chrysler including. Here it is a question of a path according to a mode of so-called ” ride sharing “. A generic term, bringing together these new transport technologies updates of the startups currently redeemed with a vengeance by the car manufacturers jostled in their core business. Thus, Volkswagen has already the giant of the taxi Gett in its nebula. Renault will Karhoo.

It will be recalled in this connection that General Motors has supported the teaching Lyft, which is also the for Uber for the transportation of the person. It should also be noted that the arrival of Renault in this policy, to enter the French label in the dance. Because if, on the electric car and autonomous, the French are at the cutting edge, they were hitherto absent in this sector in full expansion.

Karhoo will be the entrance door of the Renault. A way as another one would think, and a new startup company that landed the big prize. Except that the media allowed, and other experts remain doubtful to the approach of a large manufacturer who appropriates an entity of london in full disarray.

It is necessary to first look at the good side of things. Karhoo was purchased for just 1 million dollars, while it has been capitalized at $ 250 million during its last fundraising, there are only eighteen months. The whole of this sum has been swallowed up. What makes look to one side more obscure : Karhoo is saddled with debt and a lawsuit with its employees. It is a bitter failure in the face of the success of Uber or Gett.

But Renault still considers the operation as a great opportunity because in spite of a poor management and delays, Karhoo door in it of promising technologies with its 35 employees survivors of the 200 rensés at the beginning. A starting base which will redound to the launch ramp when the diamond will be put on the table the $ 15 million investment to develop an offer worthy of the name in the middle.

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