Android Pay : imminent arrival in Canada, still nothing in France

After the Belgium, here are the Canada. The service payment by mobile of Google will export to Canada and in many countries, including Russia, Spain, Taiwan and Brazil.

Android Pay with a Visa card

Android was already available in Canada, at Scotiabank. Google has announced a launch more massive, without specifying the partners in question, in Canada but also in Russia, Spain, Taiwan and Brazil. France has not been mentioned, yet the competitors are present as well : Apple Pay, but Samsung Pay, Orange Cash , and PayLib.

New features at the Google I/O 2017

During the conference Google I/O, Google has also made some changes related to Android Pay and mobile payments in general.

  • Android Pay will not be mandatory, Google has announced Google Payment API, to allow third-party applications to manage bank cards. APIS useful for services payments in-app, but also for services such as PayLib and Orange Cash who have developed in-house solutions to Android Pay.
  • The payment and transfer of money by Google Assistant will be possible, you can start simple voice commands : “OK Google, transfer 10 euros to my son
  • The API Card Linked Offers, will allow developers to integrate promotions related to location points, very useful for applications to resellers and large surfaces

Recently, Google had integrated Paypal for Android Pay, and has deployed the mobile payment on Android Wear 2.0. Finally, the French market is currently at the heart of discussions between Google and its prospective partners banks, unfortunately, no launch date has been communicated for the moment.

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