Angelina Jolie : Brad Pitt fell in alcohol because of it ?

While the divorce was difficult for Brad Pitt, the actor has he sink in the alcohol because of Angelina Jolie ? Check out the new revelations disturbing !

Recently, Brad Pitt was delivered as ever to GQ in a rare interview confession. The american actor has made the point on his life by returning to his addictions to alcohol and drugs. Thin and totally unrecognizable, the movie star has a lot of concern to his fans. But decided to reassure them, the father of Shiloh and was held to restore the truth about his state of health. Moreover, it has not done in the language of wood, when he confessed to the Associated Press : “I’m not suicidal or something fans of the genre. There are still a lot of beauty in the world and a lot of love. And a lot of love to give. Everything is going well. It’s just life.” A way for him to understand that things seem to be going better. Unfortunately, it may not last ! His divorce is likely to be even, and always at the heart of the actu. For cause, the journalist Ian Halperin will soon unveil a documentary based on the separation of ultra-hyped Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. A new project that could make noise on the web. The reason for this ? The writer promises details explosives on the couple…

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have experienced their difficulties.

As you know, the revelations have already begun. For evidence, interviewed by Today Extra, Ian Halperin has done with the teasing : “In the documentary, I explain that their relationship is étiolait for years, and they took often of spades. I’m also speaking of Brad, his alcohol problems and his love for the smoking experience. Is it that it makes him a bad father ? No, of course not.” But the statements did not stop there ! The author québécois has also highlighted the fact that for him Angelina Jolie had probably been the cause of the worries of Brad Pitt. “Angie is a good ambassador, she has done good deeds and I applaud them for it but it is an individual extremely difficult with a volcanic temper. As I told in the docu, c”is what led Brad to become an alcoholic,” he explained. This should evoke strong reactions on social networks ! Far from worry about it, Angelina Jolie takes advantage of her children. She was recently radiant at a dinner with his son. Watch-you the documentary of Ian Halperin ?

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