Brazil : in front of l'obstinacy of the president Temer, the markets plunge

In Brazil, the attitude of the brazilian president Michel Temer, who is trying to hang on to its mandate despite the new accusations of corruption that exacerbate the political and economic crisis, has plunged the markets on Thursday. Several searches have been launched, in the early hours of the day in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte (southeast), following revelations of O Globo, published on the eve on the website of the daily newspaper, which have the effect of a bomb. Many opposition parties have immediately asked for the resignation of the conservative president, and dozens of protesters marching in the street with cries of ” Temer “out.”

According to the newspaper, the president was saved by a business leader in giving its agreement to the payment of bribes to buy the silence of Eduardo Cunha, the former head of the Chamber of deputies, now in prison for his involvement in the mega corruption scandal Petrobras. Sign of concern, the session of the stock Exchange has been suspended after a fall of more than 10 % of the main index of the brazilian and almost 6 % of the real in the opening. Anticipating the panic of investors, the central Bank of Brazil had issued as of Thursday morning a press release in which it performs ” closely monitor the situation and act to maintain the orderly functioning of markets “. The serious political crisis in the country is exacerbated by a historic recession, the government’s current attempts to reverse through unpopular austerity measures, including the reform of the pension system, whose approval by Parliament is likely to be affected by this new scandal.

Scandals repeatedly

Hard-hit by the crisis, and an unemployment rate above 14 %, the population is exasperated by scandals repeatedly, splashing the entire political class, including several ministers of the government Temer. The police raids on Thursday morning targeted several properties of the senator Aécio Neves (center-right), defeated candidate of the last presidential election, also targeted by a record compromising cited by O Globo. According to the brazilian media, his term as a senator was suspended by the Supreme Court and the attorney general has requested his arrest. His sister has already been challenged in Belo Horizonte, according to the news site G1.

In 2014, Aécio Neves lost by a short neck in the second round of the presidential election in the face of Dilma Rousseff (left) re-elected for a second term before being destitute in August 2016, for makeup of the public accounts. It has been replaced, until the end of the mandate at the end of 2018, by Michel Temer, who was his vice-president, and that the left-wing activists accuse of having orchestrated a ” coup “, especially with Eduardo Cunha, to take power. It is precisely the former chief of the deputies, sometimes compared to Frank Underwood, the hero manipulator of the american series House of Cards, which may precipitate indirectly in his fall.


O Globo reveals that Michel Temer met on march 7, Joesley Batista, one of the owners of the group J&F, which controls the giant meat JBS. Joesley Batista was recorded secretly while he was explaining to the head of State that he was paying sums of money to Eduardo Cunha to buy his silence. “You have to maintain it (bribes) “, said the president Temer, without knowing that he was being trapped by the record of his interlocutor. The journal reveals that Joesley Batista has also delivered to authorities in another record in which Aécio Neves would have asked for 2 million réais (about 570,000 euros) of bribes. The journalist who got the scoop, Lauro Jardim, told radio CBN that he had not heard personally the records, but that he had access to ” a description the more detailed as possible.” According to him, they have been presented to the authorities in the framework of an agreement with the justice in exchange for a remission of sentence.

The company, JBS was already the headlines in march, for his involvement in a scandal of spoiled meat. The world’s top exporter of meat, Brazil had faced a embargo in whole or in part from a score of countries, with hard negotiations on the key to getting the progressive reopening of markets.

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