Canada : a municipality chooses Uber rather than buses for the public transport

This is a first in Canada, and probably also in the world : a municipality has chosen the service VTC Uber for public transport of people rather than a traditional bus system with the purchase of tickets or subscription. It turned out that Uber was cheaper, and the benefits for the people are obviously enormous.

The decision taken by the municipality of Innisfil, in Canada, is very surprising. The municipal team of this medium sized city had in effect to choose a new public transport system for the city, but rather than opting for a bus device, choice quasi-systematic in this kind of city, it is to the giant of the VTC Uber that turned the mayor.

The pilot project, funded to the tune of 100 000 canadian dollars, will last a year. During this period, the inhabitants of the city do not have to download the application and call a mountain bike, with a race of $ 3 to $ 5 (the rest of the fare being provided by the city to Uber).

For us, to buy two buses, hire drivers, install bus stops, this is a bill of a million dollars, “commented the mayor.

The gain is so huge for the town hall by calling Uber, since there is no hiring to be done and that the fleet of vehicles is not the responsibility of the town hall. For locals, it is also a huge advantage, since they will have at their disposal a transportation system that is flexible, personal (or almost) and on-demand. It is far from the rigidity of the bus lines.

It remains to be seen whether all ages (and especially seniors) will be able to put themselves in the smartphone, and the operation of the application, which is the exclusive mean of payment for the journeys.

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