Finally, the United States did more than prohibit a laptop on the flights from Europe

The United States has recently banned to take in the cabin laptops and tablets to travelers from the Middle East and the Maghreb. After several weeks of negotiations, the measure will not affect flights from Europe.

Ban laptops and tablets in the cabin : a measure criticized

Update may 18, 2017 :

While Germany was in favour of a ban of laptops in the cabin, u.s. officials have decided to backtrack after a meeting in Brussels.

According to the BCC, the ban is no longer on the agenda :

American officials and europeans have decided not to ban laptops and tablets in cabin baggage on flights from Europe. But after a meeting of four hours in Brussels to discuss the threats around the security, the officials said that other measures would be considered.

Update may 10, 2017 :

The Department of Homeland Security of the us, has confirmed to conduct a discussion on the extension of the prohibition already underway for the Middle East and the Maghreb. Laptops, more generally, the electronic devices larger than a smartphone, could be prohibited in the cabin in the flights from Europe to the United States.

No final decisions made on expanding the restriction on large electronic devices in aircraft cabins; however, it is under consideration 1/2

— David Lapan (@SpoxDHS) May 10, 2017

No final decision has been taken, but the measure is being discussed.

Original Article :

The United States, but also in London, have banned passengers from 10 airports in eight countries with a muslim majority, to travel in the cabin with tablets, laptops and any electronic devices larger than a smartphone. According to the american media : The Guardian, the administration, Trump also plans to prevent the travelers embarking from Europe to carry with them an electronic device bigger than a smartphone.

This decision is intended to reduce the risk of attack, given that the explosive would be difficult to detect in batteries. It is a controversial measure, because this would also be an economic weapon to support the us airlines.


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