Google Jobs : an artificial intelligence anti-unemployment

Google puts its technology at the service of employment by launching Google Jobs, a powerful aggregator of job postings.

The Google search engine will now job offers

In addition to many new features for developers and the general public, Google took advantage yesterday of the inaugural conference of the Google I/O 2017 to present a service-oriented professional : Google for Jobs.

Google for Jobs ‘ embodies the change of approach that Google has made official yesterday : ” from mobile first to HAVE it first “ (literally ” from a priority mobile priority artificial intelligence “).

In this case, Google uses its technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning (sometimes translated), machine learning to help people to seek jobs which were until then much more difficult to seek and classify, such as in the hospitality or in the sale “.

The search engine of job offers the most intelligent ?

At first glance, Google Jobs is thata new tab with the search engine, to look for job vacancies listed on LinkedIn, Facebook, Monster, Glassdoor, etc

But behind the scenes, the machine learning allows Google to associate terminologies. In English, the key words “retail jobs” will return as well job offers for ” sales associate “, ” retail merchandiser “, etc., The search engine will propose many relevant filters, such as the sector of activity, seniority of the offer, the level of experience, the wage bracket, or even the journey time from your home

And as usual, Google will present these results in the best way, with personalized information, such as the journey.

Launch Date

The artificial intelligence in frightens some, but he will stand there when she will solve social issues and will contribute to significantly reduce unemployment ?

Google for Jobs will be anyway available in the coming weeks, at least in the United States.

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