L'Russian ambassador in France : criticism on Holland, optimistic about Macron

Emmanuel Macron will appreciate the praise. The Russian ambassador in France, Alexander Orlov, proved to be rather flattering on the potential of the new president to tackle the many challenges that await. In an interview with
Challenges, it is satisfied that Emmanuel Macron has everything a “real head of State, brilliant, competent, intelligent, reminiscent, according to him, the socialist François Mitterrand. Compliments go in the direction of release of the Kremlin, sent Thursday, after the first telephone contact between Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron

“The two sides expressed their willingness to develop the relations russo-French traditionally friendly political, economic and cultural”, stated the press release. In fact, the entente cordiale between the two sides is not obvious. Macron has been particularly critical vis-à-vis Russia during his campaign. His former movement, Running !, had even hinted that the Kremlin could be behind cyber attacks and the “propaganda” against his candidate.

A lack of toughness ?

But nothing, in Challenges, Alexandre Orlov said : “We hope that it revives the policy of his great predecessors as general de Gaulle and François Mitterrand (…) I have the impression that Emmanuel Macron can become this great president that will mark the history of France (…) there are in this country a true desire for renewal, a strong desire of change. Emmanuel Macron embodies that”. The relations between France and Russia are at a low, in particular because of the syrian issue and the economic sanctions imposed by the european Union against Moscow after the beginning of the conflict Ukrainian.

But, according to the Russian ambassador in France, it is necessary to look on the side of the quinquennium previous to explain this deterioration in diplomatic relations. “The French president has lacked the tenacity to impose its own brand in the foreign policy of France,” says Alexander Orlov in Challenges. “France has sacrificed its own interests in the name of european solidarity and the transatlantic,” he concludes.

“France has sacrificed its own interests in the name of european solidarity and transatlantic

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