Marco Firpo: ‘Thanks to Gemma Galgani, I have discovered a new sexuality’

Marco Firpo, 55 years, thanks to Gemma Galgani, 67, has discovered a new sexuality. The knight of the Throne Over the stated in the studies of “Men and Women” during the recording of Wednesday 17 may.

Marco Firpo said that thanks to Gemma Galgani has discovered a new sexuality

The relationship between Gemma Galgani , and Marco Firpo apparently continues swimmingly and well as the sexuality goes well. The two seem to have found a new understanding.
Marco went to Turin at the home of Bud for three days and said that now she feels “a little bit more boyfriend”. Firpo has admitted that he was very good with the Galgani and now he is looking for it.

And’ broke out the passion between the lady and the knight of the Throne Over to ‘Men and Women’

Tina Cipollati, sceptical, said that they are only preparing the ground to appear on the covers of newspapers at the end of the program. It is simply “business,” according to the blonde commentator that Maria De Filippi has explained how some of the magazines match a cachet for a photo shoot.


According to the presenter Firpo has not appeared very interested and he has admitted that the relationship with the Galgani is not a great love, but that you are simply “living”. Marco , however, pointed out that with Gemma has discovered a new sexuality.
For Gianni Sperti, however, the only goal of the lady is to be jealous Giorgio Manetti. The directly concerned person, of course, has denied.

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