Nearly 400 students hospitalized for gastro

Nearly 400 chinese students have been hospitalized after an outbreak of gastro-enteritis, a highly contagious in a school in the north-east of the country, said on Thursday a media State.

Some 381 students from a school located in the province of Jilin have been transported to the hospital after suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea, and fevers, has detailed the news agency Xinhua, noting that 125 of them had left the facility Thursday evening.
The epidemic has been triggered by a bacteria found in the filtered water that supplies the school, according to a report quoting doctors at the hospital.

The facility has more than 10,000 students, carries the water on campus, according to Xinhua, which adds that the supply has been temporarily suspended.
The viruses responsible for gastroenteritis are rather known to affect the tourists on the cruises. The cases occur usually after the feces infect the drinking water.

Noroviruses are 219.000 deaths per year in the world, according to a study from the university of Johns Hopkins medicine published last month. They generate approximately $ 4.2 billion of costs in medical care.

Created: 18.05.2017, 17: 45

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