Soon less and less of application for the devices rooted ?

New options proposed by Google could deprive smartphones modified for some applications.

Netflix made the news this week by denying the smartphones rooted to its application. Google has a long-standing API called SafetyNet which is able to detect if the bootloader of an Android device has been unlocked or if the device has been rooted.

Google has taken advantage of the Google I/O 2017 to complete the possibility to filter the devices not passing the test SafetyNet, which enables application developers to manage their publications on the Play Store. The new version now allows developers to tune very finely the compatibility of their applications with the Android devices according to their characteristics, for example, depending on the processor or amount of ram.

One of the options is to filter out the devices not passing the test SafetyNet, and, more specifically, from block devices to the cloud (emulators) and the devices rooted. It is also possible to block the devices which are not certified by Google, as smartphones as MIUI and some devices under LineageOS.

If this feature were to become popular among publishers, smartphones, rooted or not passing the test of SafetyNet could have access to fewer applications. Already several applications very well known, such as Netflix, Snapchat or Pokemon Gb block these phones.

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