Sophie Davant, it is the war with his children, according to “Ici Paris”

Sophie Davant, it is the war with his children, according to “Ici Paris” 18/05/2017 at 19:22

Sophie Davant would be in open war with her two children, fruit of her relationship with Pierre Sled, says, “Here is Paris” in its issue of 18 November.

At the end, the mom of Nicholas and Valentine ” is cracking “.

But she had chosen until there’s nothing let seem, drawing to it all the energy to give the exchange. Last week, however, Sophie Davant has failed, unable to conceal any longer.
Here, Paris refers to the interview given by the facilitator to Present Wife.

“I can’t wait for them to leave, she said. When I get home in the evening, the beer cans lying around, there are records everywhere, turntables mixing to the place of my trinkets. It stinks of cigarette because ten buddies are gone. I have to shut myself up in my room until they go away. I am no longer in me. It is unbearable “.

What about, the one that comes out the book “It is time to choose a life!” was already in the pages of Gala.

She explained that with a son musician, who recently launched his own label, the evenings are often choppy.
Their daughter Valentine remains of a young woman “very academic and hardworking”.

But despite some of the tension in the house, Sophie Davant loves his children and does not hesitate to prove his love on a daily basis and prepare good little dishes, “spaghetti with bottarga, salmon, chicken rubbed with garlic, and his famous duck breast, deglazed with honey and the vinegar of the city of jérez,” one can read on the website of Wife Today.

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