The new investigator that annoys Donald Trump

Donald Trump tries to extricate himself from the embrace of the scandals repeatedly since he returned James Comey, the boss of the FBI, on may 9 last year. The president of the United States has criticized Thursday the appointment of Robert Mueller, a former FBI director, to the position of special prosecutor in charge of the investigation on the potential links to its surroundings with the Kremlin. “This is the biggest witch hunt of a politician in american history!” he wrote on Twitter after complaining in another tweet that a special prosecutor was never appointed to investigate the “illegal activities” of the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.

False serenity

This new assertion, without evidence of Donald Trump shows his annoyance in the face of an appointment which has taken the White House by surprise Wednesday night. According to the american media, the administration Trump had not been told of the decision by Rod Rosenstein, the number 2 of the Department of justice, entrusted to the Robert Mueller investigation of the interference of Russian in the us presidential election. The White House has tried to project the image of a president serene and calm in the face of this new. Shortly after the announcement, she has released a statement in which the president said will “celebrate” a quick conclusion of the investigation and affirmed that it would not find any collusion between his campaign team and Russia.

Robert Mueller, a former prosecutor who was 72 years old, has headed the FBI for twelve years. He had been appointed by George W. Bush for a term of ten years a week before the September 11 attacks. It had been kept at his post for two more years by Barack Obama, before being replaced in 2013 by James Comey. Robert Mueller is known for his independence and enjoys an excellent reputation among republicans as democrats.

His appointment is a victory for the opposition democratic party, which was requested for a long time. Last week, Rod Rosenstein had rejected calls for the appointment of a special prosecutor, but the events are accelerated over the revelations of the american media. The Washington Post first wrote Monday that Donald Trump had sent information top secret Russian delegation presented last week at the White House. The New York Times has followed suit, revealing on Tuesday that Donald Trump had asked James Comey to classify the FBI investigation on the links of Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, with Russia.

It is a strange conversation

The revelations continued Wednesday. According to the New York Times, the entourage of Donald Trump knew that Michael Flynn was the subject of an investigation prior to his appointment to the post of national security adviser. But this did not prevent Donald Trump from using Michael Flynn. The old general had finally been returned on the 13th of February for having lied about his contacts with the Russian ambassador to the United States. The senators, who lead the parliamentary inquiry on the Russia revealed Thursday that Michael Flynn had not responded to their requests for cooperation.

“The hot tub doesn’t help us to move forward, but we continue to do that,” assured Paul Ryan Thursday morning at a press conference. The entourage of the republican chairman of the House of representatives has, however, been shaken by another revelation by the Washington Post. Kevin McCarthy, the number 2 of the republican majority in the House of representatives, had been registered by June 15, 2016, during a conversation with other conservative mps, including Paul Ryan. “I think that Putin pays two people,” he said that day about the Russian president. “Rohrabacher (editor’s note: an elected conservative who defends with fervour the Russian federation), and Trump”. Kevin McCarthy has defended itself on Wednesday night by pretending it was a “bad joke”.

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