United states : the founder of Fox News Roger Ailes is dead

He was one of the most powerful men of the United States. A leader is concerned. A patron of the media was and has no idea of the careers. The founder of Fox News, Roger Ailes, is death. His impressive CV – he had advised Richard Nixon during his successful campaign of 1968 – had been tainted, the summer of 2016, with charges of sexual harassment. He had had to leave the direction of the chain.

A veteran of the media, a man of influence, the republican had created Fox News in 1996 at the request of the boss of the Fox network and the media group News Corp, Rupert Murdoch. Although the arrival in the television landscape well after CNN, launched in 1980, the chain of continuous information, a favorite of conservatives, had quickly taken the lead of the hearings. To make his place, Fox News has adopted an editorial line very conservative, willingly controversial, embodied by a few leading personalities, in the first place Bill O’reilly, more a columnist than a journalist.

Him-even in the face of accusations of sexual harassment from several women who worked within the supply chain, Bill O’reilly had to leave, at the end of April, Fox News, which has thus waived his locomotive, king of the hearing, all-news channels combined. Buoyed by its success, Fox News has also become a source of considerable revenues for the group 21st Century Fox, born from the split in 2013 of the activities, television and media, the latter being housed under the name News Corp.

Nixon, Reagan, Bush

“Today, America has lost one of its great warriors, patriots,” tweeted Sean Hannity, one of the journalists, the most influential of Fox News. “It has radically and permanently changed, the political landscape and the media, for the best “, he added. “It would be well that the media leave Roger and his family in this time of mourning, urged Sean Hannity, but knowing people who hated him, him and his opinions (…) I doubt it. “

Roger Ailes was also an old hand in politics, but behind-the-scenes. He advised Richard Nixon during his successful campaign of 1968, but also Ronald Reagan, that he helped re-elect in 1984, and George Bush’s father, of whom he has orchestrated the aggressive communication with, the key to electoral success in 1988.

Advisor of the candidate Trump

More recently, Roger Ailes has advised Donald Trump during a good part of his campaign. He has in particular helped to prepare for the televised debates, a new exercise for the business man. The two men had, however, distanced themselves a few weeks before the election of November 2016.

With the departure of Roger Ailes and Bill O’reilly, but also that of the star reporter Megyn Kelly, spent at NBC, the chain is currently going through a period of turbulence, even if their audiences remain high.

This is Megyn Kelly, who has pushed the fate of Roger Ailes at Fox News, at the end of July 2016. She would have claimed to have received advances from the CEO ten years earlier, during an interview with the responsible of the internal investigation that had carried the chain for the light on the accusations aimed at Roger Ailes. These allegations came to the support of those initiated in the beginning of July 2016, by a former presenter and star, Gretchen Carlson, claiming to have been dismissed after his refusal to give in to the sexual advances of her boss.

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