United states : Trump says she is the victim of'a “witch hunt”

The soap opera continues in the United States around the american president and his relations with Russia. Donald Trump was asked on Thursday by the victim of an unprecedented witch-hunt, following the appointment of a special prosecutor in the investigation on the interference in Russian in the presidential election. After a reaction terse but measured on Wednesday evening via a press release from the White House, the republican president has opted, at dawn, to a any other registry on Twitter, reflecting its desire to firm up its electoral base, but also his annoyance in the face of the accumulation of revelations. “It is the largest witch-hunt aimed at one politician in american history !”, he started, referring to this appointment, which took by surprise the White House where extreme tension is palpable for the past several days.

Acknowledging also the campaign ofHillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s presidency “illegal acts”, he is outraged that no special prosecutor was never appointed to examine them. “This is the greatest example of self-pity in american history. Sad. Really,” ironisé, in response, David Axelrod, a former adviser to Barack Obama. On the eve of his departure for his first trip abroad, which will lead him across five countries in just eight days, the 45th president of the United States knows that he is in a very awkward position, and that the case Russian will continue to be in the american media in the weeks and months to come.


The number two in the ministry of Justice, Rod Rosenstein, who announced the appointment of Robert Mueller, director of the FBI from 2001 to 2013 (under George W. Bush and then Barack Obama) to the position of special prosecutor, was set to meet Thursday afternoon, senate democrats like republicans to explain to them his initiative, which has been very well received on Capitol Hill. This appointment is intended to insulate investigations from political power by reducing to a minimum the supervision of the ministry of Justice, supervision of the FBI investigation since last summer in this case, mixing politics and espionage. Robert Mueller is in charge of investigating “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of president Donald Trump”, but also “any matter” arising from these investigations, which gives it de facto a free hand. The opposition demanded unanimously the appointment of a special prosecutor from the dismissal suddenly the director of the FBI James Comey, the 9th of may, suspecting an attempt to obstruct justice.

Since this brutal dismissal, the press reported that Donald Trump would put pressure on James Comey to class the pane of the survey about Michael Flynn, the ephemeral national security adviser suspected of the games troubles with the Russians. James Comey refused, but recorded this conversation in notes, which have started to leak in the media. Donald Trump, who has denied any pressure on the head of the FBI, has admitted in an interview that the dismissal was related to his exasperation vis-à-vis the investigation on the interference of Russian.

Watergate ?

Each day brings its lot of details and new revelations on the behavior of the president and his entourage, before and after the election, fuelling comparisons with the rise to power of the affair of the Watergate, which forced Richard Nixon to resign, 8 August 1974. According to the New York Times, Mike Flynn, the former national security adviser of the us president Donald Trump, had warned the president-elect’s team that he was the subject of a federal investigation, but this did not prevent his appointment. Mike Flynn was forced to resign as early as on 13 February, less than a month after the inauguration of Donald Trump on 20 January, for not revealing its trade with the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergei Kisliak.

Donald Trump is expected to speak Thursday in the late afternoon from the parlors of the White House during a joint press conference with colombian president Juan Manuel Santos.

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