Video test – Opel Crossland X : a patchwork of interest

Opel replaces its minispace ground Meriva for a very fashion crossover, which takes its change of status by changing the name. This will be Crossland X. What is this new entrant in the face of the stars of the category, the Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008 ? Not nothing, that’s for sure. Trial in version 1.2 Turbo 130 hp.


  • 1. Video test – Opel Crossland X : a patchwork of interest
  • 2. On the road : a lot of strengths, few weaknesses
  • 3. Equipment : carton
  • 4. The main technical characteristics
  • 5. Evaluation in category : 30 criteria assessed and rated
  • 6. Next finance : all rates, competition
  • 7. Balance : ability to push




Note this vehicle

In short

Replacing the Meriva

Crossover urban

4,21 m long, trunk up to 520 litres

From 81 to 130 hp, 18 300 € 23 950 €

TheOpel Meriva is dead, long live the Crossland X. But in passing, it is also the end of the minispace ground for the German manufacturer, which transfers clearly to the sirens of fashion, replacing it with a crossover.

Still a crossover urban, in the range Opel ? But yes, it is that Mokka is already there since 4 years ! Renamed Mokka X during its restyling, does it not now make duplicate with the newcomer ? No risk according to Opel, since the Mokka is typed very adventurer, athlete, muscular, intended for the adventurers with the opportunity to opt for an all-wheel-drive and more powerful engines. On the other side, the Crossland X will be more typified family, the more spacious (even if shorter than 7 cm as the Mokka with 4,21 m), with less powerful engines and more economical, private transmission 4×4 and finally less expensive.

La poupe est assez massive, très SUV mais pas la plus réussie à notre avis.
The stern of the ship is quite massive, very SUV but not the most successful in our opinion.
Le profil laisse apparaître un pavillon flottant à la mode Adam. Le Crossland X mesure 4,21 m.
The profile reveals a floating pavilion in the fashion of Adam. The Crossland X measurement 4,21 mr.
De face, les gènes stylistiques semblent partagés avec le Mokka X.
From the front, the genes stylistic appear to be shared with the Mokka X.

No, of crossover, it only has the look. All the attributes are there, with hoof protection on the shields, a ground clearance raised, the flared wheel housings, plastic and roof rails.

Aesthetically, it is a real patchwork of different models of the range of the manufacturer. The bow and the 3/4 front evoke without ambiguity, precisely, the Mokka X. The light signature of the LED daytime running lamps takes up the double-wing of all the new models hit in a flash. The flanks, which appears in the hollow of a large comma, evoke rather theInsignia. The sky roof, pointed to a barette chrome, seems to float on the car and ends in a shark fin reversed. It may be of contrasting color (black, grey or white), and is a dedication supported by the urban-chic Adam. Finally there is the stern show a personality of its own, but it is also she who wears the style more solid. Not the most successful of the self in our sense.

In any case the mixture of all these ingredients stylistics is not unpleasant to the eye, in default to be immediately appealing.

A cabin that’s understated, rational, and spacious

Inside, the inspiration, this time, is from Astra. The dashboard is treated to very horizontal. His organization is rational, with an upper zone dedicated to the navigation and infotainment, a low-reserved for the air conditioning controls, and finally an area in front of the gear lever to manage the driving aids.

La planche de bord n'est pas folichonne, mais rationnellement organisée. La finition est dans la bonne moyenne de la catégorie, et l'équipement fort complet.
The dashboard is not cavorting, but rationally organized. The finish is in the good average of the category, and the equipment very complete.

The atmosphere is not really gay, even if some of the chrome trim trying to have fun the retina. This is serious in the drawing, too much certainly for a vehicle to be urban-oriented and family is already customizable (a bit) outside. One would expect a little more fun. The quality of the materials is in the good average of the category. A Peugeot 2008 is a little better however. And some joints are a little loose, at the level of the cup holders between the seats. Nothing shocking, we only point out a few details.

At the rear, passengers will have of the place. The Crossland X loses tips of development proposed on the Meriva, such as the ability to bring the outboard seats to be comfortable for 4 (flexspace) or in the central console sliding (flexrail). But the essence is still there with a bench seat folding and sliding (optional 350 € – finish base, 300 finishing as high) on a 15 cm, a flat floor thanks to the double boot floor (optional 350 € – finish base, 300 € in finishing high), folders, reclining. But above all, he wins in the boot volume. The minimum is 410 litres bench seat, remote and 520 litres seat advanced. A volume record in the category (455 litres max for a Captur).

Les places arrière sont spacieuses et la banquette peut coulisser (en option) sur 15 cm.
The rear seats are spacious and the seat can slide (optional) about 15 cm.
Le volume de coffre est record, avec 520 litres. Un double plancher permet d'obtenir une surface plane (option à 350 €).
The boot volume is a record, with 520 litres. A double floor allows to obtain a flat surface (option 350 €).
Les moteurs, essence comme diesels, sont issus de PSA, ce sont des Puretech et BlueHDI (ici un 1.2 Turbo 130.
Engines, gasoline as diesel, from PSA, what are the Puretech and BlueHDI (here, a 1.2 Turbo 130.

A platform and engines PSA

Technically, be aware, if you do not already know, that the Hotel X is the first offspring of the alliance between Opel and PSA, which dates from well before the acquisition of the first by the second. So, it uses a platform of the PSA, that of 2008, but after a few developments, that we will soon be on the Citroën C3 Aircross. It also follows the bank of organs PSA its engines and its gearboxes. There is, therefore, in essence a 3-cylinder 1.2 atmospheric 81 hp (5.2 l/100 km, 116 g of CO2/km), and the same 1.2 turbo 110 hp (4.9 l/100 km, 111 g of CO2/km, consistent with a BVA6, in fact, a EAT6 PSA) or 130 hp BVM6 (5.1 l/100 km and 116 g CO2/km). Of course, blocks Puretech.

In diesel, there is a 1.6 “diesel” (actually a BlueHDI version of 99 hp and 120 hp (3.7 l/100 km and 95 g of CO2/km and 4 litres/100 km and 105 g CO2/km).

We repeat, not transmission 4×4 in the program or even system, traction enhanced, as can be found on the 2008 (grip control).

Knowing the qualities of the platform and of the engines, Peugeot/Citroën, we were looking forward so that you turn the key to go to stretch on the rims of our test model.

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