An ex-executive of UBS seizes the French justice

A former part of the French subsidiary ofUBS, Stéphanie Gibaud, claiming legal compensation, said Friday his lawyer. The former employee of the big bank has collaborated with investigators of customs in a case of tax fraud.

“Psychological trauma”

Stéphanie Gibaud presents himself as a whistleblower alert. She entered French administrative justice “to challenge the refusal of the director-general of customs and indirect duties to indemnify its collaboration with the national customs Service judicial (SNDJ) in 2011 and 2012,” said his lawyer, Antoine Reillac.

The complainant has no job. “And it is located in the inability to find a” as a result of this case, ” says the man of law, who also refers to the “psychological trauma” suffered by his client.

A law, amended in 2016, provides that “customs officials are empowered to conduct judicial enquiries (…) can reward any person foreign to the public administrations that provided information which led directly to the discovery of crimes or offences, the identification of the perpetrators of crimes or offences”. But for the customs, the conditions are not met.

Text post collaboration

“A whistleblower is someone who acts in a spontaneous way, such as Edward Snowden. Here, this is not the case. It is the duty that was sought in the context of a preliminary investigation,” says a source close to customs. This source is, moreover, argued that the eventual payment of whistleblowers is provided by a text post to the collaboration of Stéphanie Gibaud.

As for the number one swiss banking, he has not finished with the French justice. The financial institution has been referred to a tribunal hex for “the selling bank illegal” and “money laundering aggravated tax fraud”. Its French subsidiary is under the scrutiny of the court for “aiding and abetting”. (tty/nxp)

Created: 19.05.2017, 19: 40

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